8th Grade


Homework for the week of

2/06/16 to 2/10/16


Monday: -   build an atom

Tuesday:  build an atom

Wednesday: post-lab

Thursday:  atom

Friday: tbd

 Science Textbook Info:

-Website: http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com

-Redemption Code: JC1Z-5GXV-QF9W-8WSD

Science World Magazine Info:

Your display name: Mrs. Allison's Class
Your classroom password: 8thallison 

Language Arts:

Monday: - gerunds review

Tuesday:  - gerunds/participials

Wednesday:   gerunds/infinitives

Thursday:  gerund writing

Friday: gerund writing

  Activities are always subject to change due to the progression of class. Extra assignments may be given during class time.


Mrs. Fehrenbacher Reading   Week of 02/27/17- 3/3/17
Monday- Ch. 2 Hunger Games Ques. & Vocab CW - Due Wed.
Tuesday-  Denotation/Connotation Packet Day 1- Due Thurs
Wednesday-  Ch. 3 Hunger Games Ques. & Vocab CW-Due Fri.
Thursday- Denotation/Connotation Packet Day 2- Due Fri.
Friday- No Homework (Quiz in class today)
Literature (Work on Dystopian Novel Project)
Mon- Same
 Tues -same
Wed- Same 
Reading Extended Learning
Mon-  Figuarative Lang. in songs Day 2
Tues- Genre Day 1
Wed-  Genre Day 2
Thurs-  Common Core Skill Review Day
Fri- Video Journals

March 20 - 24

High Math
Monday - PARCC Practice all Week
Tuesday -  
Wednesday – 
Thursday -  
Friday - 
Monday  - PARCC Practice all Week
Tuesay -   
Thursday -  
Friday - 
Math Supplement
Monday -  Finding Distance using Pythagorean Theorem
Tuesday -  Test over Pythagorean Theorem
Wednesday - 
Thursday -  PARCC Practice
Friday - PARCC Practice

online text code F1A63E387B (glencoe.com/ose)

online material code TAJMT7189c(chapter number) (glencoe.com)

March 20 - 24, 2017

American History: 

Monday - Holocaust discussion; pp 383-385

Tuesday - complete Holocaust discussion; review notes; complete stations

Wednesday - review worksheet together; review stations notes

Thursday - review Chapter 12, pp 390-393

Friday - World War two chapter test

Language - Monday - review adverbs; Comparisons

Tuesday - Adjective or Adverb? with worksheet

Wednesday - (Play a.m. - no language)

Thurs. - review Tuesday; final lesson with worksheet

Fri. - begin review of Ch 5 information, 620-623

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