7th Grade

7th Grade Homework: Feb. 20 - 24




 Reading, Mrs. Carlson -- 3rd, 4th, 6th Hours

Mon.  -- No School

Tues. -- Historical Texts

Wed. -- Historical Texts assign # 6

Thurs.-- Scientific Terms

Fri. – Technical Terms

Literature, Mrs. Carlson -- 1st Hour

Mon. -- No School

Tues. -- Begin Strand Review

Wed. -- Complete Strand Review

Thurs. --  "Heinrich Schliemann" Propaganda

Fri. -- Complete "Heinrich Schliemann"


History, Carlson -- 7th Hour

Mon. -- No School

Tues. -- Ch. 5 Sec. 1 pp. 123 - 124

Wed. -- Section 1 prediction activity

Thurs. -- Assign worksheet 39

Fri. -- CSI Stations


Reading Enrichment, Mrs. Carlson -- 9th Hour

Mon. -- No School

Tues. -- Ch. 9 Salem Witch Trials

Wed. -- Ch. 10 assign POV ws

Thurs. --  Begin 4 Square Assessment

Fri. -- Library

Language - Mrs. Kiselewski  

 Mon. - No School

Tues. - Begin Weather Research Project

5 Essentials Survey

Wed. - Weather Research Project - Continue research

Thurs. - Weather Research Project - research and notecards

Fri - Weather research project - typing paragraph

History - Mrs. Kiselewski  

Mon. - No school

Tues. - Ch. 5, Pgs 123-124 & Activity

Wed. - Pgs, 124-125 & Chart Handout

Thurs. - Review Section 1 & Comic

Fri - Begin Section 2



HISTORY – Mrs. Dorff  

 Monday- no school

Tuesday- chp 5- Prediction/Realization activity, read pages 123-124 and fill in chart

Wed.-   finish section 1- reading and chart, HW- Prediction/Realization worksheet- last question

Thursday- review section 1 vocab, read comic, section 1 worksheet summary 

Friday- Section 2- Boston Massacre CSI stations activity



Monday- no school

Tuesday- Launch Lab- pulse, Liters of Blood demonstration, Blood Facts- notes on handout

Wed.-  read pages 567-569, notes on handout, label heart, steps of blood flow on handout

Thursday- review labeling and steps, Blood Vessels- worksheet- read and highlight

Friday- Circulatory System Health- page 572-573, fill in graphic organizer, video- Circulatory System

Math- Miss Klingenberg


Math- 1st,3rd,4th Hours

MondayNo School!

Tuesday- Angle Problems and Solving Equations  HW: Lesson 10 #1-6

Wednesday-  Angle Relationships Activity

Thursday - Properties of Inequalities Stations

Friday - Properties of Inequalities  HW: Lesson 12


Math - 6th hour

 Monday - No School!

Tuesday - The Most Famous Ratio of All  HW: Lesson 16 #1b,e, 2

Wednesday- The Most Famous Ratio of All  HW: finish Lesson 16

Thursday - The Area of A Circle  HW: Lesson 17

Friday - More Problems on Area and Circumference  HW: Lesson 18


Monday - No School!

Tuesday - Chapter 5 pg 123-124; Prediction Activity

Wednesday - pg. 124-125  HW: Prediction and Realization Sheet

 Thursday -  Go over Ch. 4 Test; Read comic  HW: pg. 39 worksheet

Friday - Boston Massacre CSI Station Activity

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