7th Grade

7th Grade Homework: Sept. 18 - 22

vHistory -- 7th Hour

Mon. -- Guided Reading 3 -6

Tues. -- Scholastic Article on Vikings

Wed. -- Comparing articles and viking game

Thurs. -- Christopher Columbus

Fri. -- Christopher Columbus and Viking writing




Literature Mrs. Carlson -- 1st Hour

Mon.  -- Assign p. 93 #6 plus theme statement

Tues. -- Read "Rattlesnake Hunt"

Wed. -- Complete essay discussion

Thurs. -- Write essay

Fri. – Begin Narrative Poetry


Reading Mrs. Carlson -- 2nd, 4th, 5th Hours

Mon. -- Assign vocab for Amigo Brothers

Tues. -- Read pp. 17 - 19 and complete Venn Diagram

Wed. -- Continue Amigo Brothers

Thurs. -- Assign p. 27 #9, 10, 11

Fri. -- Assign vocab for "7th Grade"


Reading Enrichment, Mrs. Carlson -- 8th Hour

Mon. -- Paul Revere's Ride

Tues. -- Assign POV worksheet

Wed. -- Ch. 1 Salem Witch Trial Book

Thurs. -- Read ch. 2, assign ch. 1 comprehension ws

Fri. -- Library

Language - Mrs. Kiselewski  

 Mon. - Direct Quotations

Tues. - Punctuation Practice

Wed. - Formating dialogue

Thurs. - Creating dialogue

Fri -  Typing dialogue


 Science – Mrs. Dorff  

 Monday- Microscope Unit- read/highlight handout, venn diagram to compare/contrast microscopes

Tuesday- read page 30, list uses of microscopes, use of a microscope, label micro., total magnification handout

Wed.-  practice labeling micro in lab, procedures

Thursday- microscope video, How to use micro correctly, procedures for tomorrow's lab

Friday-  Lab- How to use a microscope correctly


History- DORFF







Khan Academy


Math- 1st,2nd,4th Hours

Monday-  Graphing Proportional Relationships    HW: Lesson 5

Tuesday- Proportional Relationships Activity

Wednesday- finish activity, review 

Thursday - Quiz

Friday - CATS Matrix Activity


High Math - 5th hour

 Monday - Equations of Proportional Relationships    HW: Lesson 8

Tuesday - Equations of Proportional Relationships    HW: Lesson 9

Wednesday- Interpreting Graphs

Thursday Interpreting Graphs    HW: Lesson 10

Friday-  CATS Matrix Activity



Monday - finish Native American posters

Tuesday - Native American presentations

Wednesday - Ch. 2, Section 1

Thursday - Marco Polo Fact Summary    HW: Argumentative Writing

Friday - CATS Matrix Activity

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