HISTORY – Mrs. Dorff  

 Monday- no school

Tuesday- chp 5- Prediction/Realization activity, read pages 123-124 and fill in chart

Wed.-   finish section 1- reading and chart, HW- Prediction/Realization worksheet- last question

Thursday- review section 1 vocab, read comic, section 1 worksheet summary 

Friday- Section 2- Boston Massacre CSI stations activity



Monday- no school

Tuesday- Launch Lab- pulse, Liters of Blood demonstration, Blood Facts- notes on handout

Wed.-  read pages 567-569, notes on handout, label heart, steps of blood flow on handout

Thursday- review labeling and steps, Blood Vessels- worksheet- read and highlight

Friday- Circulatory System Health- page 572-573, fill in graphic organizer, video- Circulatory System

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